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Hope complained that the interrogation had been a waste of time, and Rafe added with a sigh that Abe was going to get away with his crimes unless new evidence surfaced within the next few hours. Meanwhile, Raines returned and asked Hope and Rafe if they had managed to get anything new out of Abe.

Bonnie stepped into the hallway and nervously greeted Justin, who excitedly announced that Victor and Maggie had agreed to let Adrienne move back into the Kiriakis mansion.

Bonnie maintained that Justin couldn't join her inside her hotel room, claiming that she might not be able to keep her hands off him if he did.

Justin didn't think that would be a bad thing, but Bonnie insisted that she wanted her first time with him to be special.

Recalling that one of Dario's known accomplices was still in Salem, J. As Rafe led Abe into one of the conference rooms, Hope quietly explained to Raines that the plan was to try to get Abe to let down his guard and open up to two old friends without an attorney present. Surprised to see that Myron was with Raines, Lani coolly claimed, when asked, that she was simply in search of a stiff drink. Let's just hope she figures out fast how to play this," Eli reasoned. Victor warned Justin that it might be wise to take things slowly at first, just to be safe, since Adrienne's change of heart did seem quite sudden.

countered with a shrug, adding that he was willing to do whatever it took to prove Abe's innocence. Lani pointed out that the IT expert had already claimed that he didn't know anything about Dario's silent partner. Furious, Raines demanded to know what was going on. Justin understood why Maggie was worried; he argued, however, that it wasn't like Lucas hadn't known all along that Adrienne had a long and wonderful history with another man.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Eli ran into Valerie, who immediately began lashing out at him. "That didn't really occur to me," Lani replied with a shrug. "Wow, she doesn't waste any time," Maggie grumbled.

that Commissioner Raines had ordered them both to stay out of the investigation. "If we don't get something more on him by morning, he's walking, [so] it's worth a try, don't you think? "Suit yourself," Raines replied before rushing off, claiming that he had an errand to run. Myron quickly retreated to the back office as Raines demanded to know why Lani had chosen to toss back drinks at Club TBD, of all places -- a club that her father's partner owned. Chuckling, Justin stressed that he had no intention of taking things slowly; in fact, he had actually already granted Adrienne's request to move back into the mansion right away. Hope and Rafe worked with Abe and Myron to expose Raines. Brady ensured that Nicole was awarded custody of Holly. Eli soon caught up with Raines, who was on his way to Club TBD and had no idea that he was being tailed. Myron refused at first, insisting that he wasn't going to risk his immunity deal just to help Raines secure a Commissioner of the Year award; however, when Raines hinted that something bad might happen to Myron if he didn't cooperate, the IT expert quickly backpedaled, realizing that he was face-to-face with Dario's true silent partner. "[Eli], if you go in there and question Myron, he's gonna give you nothing but lies about Abe. "I just hope that Lucas can deal with this rejection in a healthy way...and, for Justin's sake, I hope that Adrienne doesn't change her mind -- again," Maggie stressed.Chad and Abigail, and Sonny and Paul planned a double wedding. Myron was working at the otherwise unoccupied club when Raines barged in and started questioning him. But since I am not on this case, I [can] do whatever it takes to get the truth out of that little geek," J. At the Salem Inn, Bonnie told Hattie to do "the chest-pumping thing" to Anjelica to revive her. I'm not a doctor; I just play one in Salem," Hattie reminded Bonnie.Bonnie tried to assure Justin that she would meet him there as soon as she finished packing her things, but he failed to take the hint, helpfully pointing out that an extra pair of hands would make the task a lot easier.Backpedaling, Bonnie spontaneously asked Justin to lead the way to the Kiriakis mansion, adding that she could return for her things later. forged ahead, guessing, "What if Dario's silent partner is Commissioner Raines himself?