Scouse dating

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Scouse dating

Just a short drive from Liverpool, singles can enjoy the classic seaside resort of Southport with its beaches and shopping malls – the perfect location for singles to find true love.The Wirral peninsula, just over the water from Liverpool is a very popular location for many single men and women to find their new match.

Many poor young women would leave their new-born babies on Mann Island, hoping they would be found and looked after by rich folks as they came and went on their travels.Singles will love the Walker Art Gallery with its biggest English art collections, which show paintings and sculptures from the last 600 years.The World museum of Liverpool deals with Egyptology, Ethnology and Natural Sciences.It was a traditional seaman's dish which may be of Viking origin. It is made with corned beef, onions, beetroot and mashed potatoes and flavoured with a pinch of cumin and served with a fried egg on top.A version of this dish is also made in Denmark where herring is added. Scousers are named after a once-popular working-class dish of meat (if you were lucky) and veg stew, called scouse (without the meat, it's called blind scouse). No, it is not an insulting term and yes, Liverpudlians refer to themselves by this term, although less so these days.There is a Norwegian dish "lapskaus", to my mind a variant if not not the predecessor of Irish Stew.

More interestingly there is an area of Oslo called if I remember right, Skaus corner. As to the various explanations of "lapskaus" above, I would like to add that this is a Norwegian dish (dinner) consisting of potatoes, meat (pork or beef), carrots, leeks, all cubed and stewed until tender, and sprinkled with parsley when served.Some say within the boundaries of the Mersey and Queens Drive. Some say, it's your accent that defines your status.However, the truth is, there are no more "real 0 scousers. The phrase "scouser" was a harsh way of describing a child who was born on Mann Island.Compare this with the German 'Labskaus', and Welsh 'lobsgows', both approximately similar dishes.It comes from 'lobscouse' which was a dish eaten in those parts, made with hard tack and bully beef.Don't often hear people from Liverpool calling themselves Scousers, unless they are on tour!

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