Senegal marriages and dating

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Senegal marriages and dating - women in their 20s dating older men

When meeting someone for the first time, take the time to introduce yourself and learn as much as possible about the person and his/her culture.

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Colonialism also introduced the birth certificate or card.)Greetings are key and of great importance.

Contrary to Canada, where people tend to not touch one another and keep a distance, Senegalese tend to casually stand very close to the person with whom they are speaking.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a big difference between the two countries in this regard.

If you have recently arrived in the country, you can ask about the origins of certain festivals or where a certain dish comes from and how it is prepared.

Avoid asking any personal questions that might lead people to believe that you are indiscreet and keep to general topics of discussion.

Specific gestures that you should avoid include: keeping your shoes on when you walk in a room; refusing to eat when you find yourself visiting someone during mealtime (even if you are not hungry it is best to taste the dishes that are served); or not greeting others when you arrive at the office.

In general, start by shaking hands with people when you meet for the first time; this sets the appropriate amount of personal space between you for the rest of the conversation (the length of your arm plus that of the person with whom you are speaking).

Only after this comment did I begin to notice and understand that things that were allowed in Senegal were not necessarily the norm in Canada.

In general, there are basic differences between the two countries when it comes to male-female relations.

Coming from Canada, where all topics are open for discussion, you should not assume that the same situation exists in a country like Senegal where religion plays such a central role.

Sexuality is something that you talk about only with people you are very close to or who are approximately the same age as you.

These situations are more common between men and it is not unusual to see two men holding hands in the street while they are walking and talking to one another.