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From November 2007 to January 2010 AG was seconded to the US Navy as the Royal Australian Navy liaison officer to the Seventh Fleet.

It pointed out, for instance, that the app uses unencrypted backups.Two senior Australian sailors are being investigated as part of a massive US Navy bribery scandal involving prostitutes and wild parties, and could eventually face prosecution under the American military justice system.Nine high-ranking US Navy officers, including an Admiral, have been charged with trading classified information in exchange for travel, dinner and prostitution services from a foreign defence contractor, nicknamed Fat Leonard.If the person a user is talking to is using the backup feature, then the messages will be stored without encryption anyway.The EFF also took issue with the way that Whats App integrates encryption into its user experience, and the fact that the web app that can be used to send messages from a computer could also be vulnerable to attack.But it has come into criticism from other technology groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

That organisation has even warned people that they should be careful before using Whats App for sensitive conversations,for fear that they might be read.Francis's company was contracted to clean, stock and refuel the Navy ships.In 2015, Francis and the company pleaded guilty to bribing Navy officials over 10 years, while billing the Navy 0 million for work in half a dozen ports, according to court documents.It did have some criticism for Facebook, which doesn’t apply strong encryption by default and doesn’t warn users that they’re not using the most secure technology.Facebook does that in part because Messenger conversations are valuable information for the company to read and use for advertising.The group did praise the fact that Whats App makes use of the Signal protocol – a very well-regarded encryption standard that keeps messages secure.

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