Seniors babyboomers social networking dating website

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“Our designer did a good job in keeping the website as simple as possible and not putting too many distracting features or sections on it,” Black says.“The feedback that we got was to keep it as simple as possible because we are targeting the inexperienced tech user.” Similarly, startups in this market also have to approach customer relations differently.

“I decided to try and dedicate my life to solve this problem really for myself and for the 135 million adults in the US that have zero plan – they don’t have a living will or any plan whatsoever,” says Medina, whose company has now been used to draw up more than 10,000 wills.

But recently a number of factors have turned the industry’s attention toward older tech users: the ranks of silver surfers are growing fast as baby boomers retire; they have spending power and free time, and they have widely adopted smartphones and social networking.

“I look at the boomers, and I’m like, ‘God, there’s so many ways I could help these people. I’m going to do it’,” says Marcie Rogo, 30, Stitch’s co-founder.

Carelinx simply takes a 15 per cent fee out of every invoice processed.

“We do a good job in finding the right match, but then we provide all the technology that handles all the caregiving management,” Sheik says.

But Tracy, 65, and Main, 63, didn’t find each other using Tinder or Ok Cupid.

They were matched up on Stitch, the so-called Tinder for seniors.“So no matter if the loved one who’s finding care for their parents lives far away or has to hold down a full-time job, they can easily use our web and/or mobile solutions.” Creating tech for older users is very different than doing it for millennials.While companies such as Snapchat can realistically expect their users to understand their features with little to no explanation, startups catering to older users need to educate users.“With people living longer and having more access to innovation, [mobile] phones, texting, all the applications, whatever it is, it enables our generation to keep active rather than sit [at] home and grow old in a rocking chair,” Main says.Fuelling Silicon Valley’s new-found interest in the senior market is the demographic’s growing adoption of technology.​Silicon Valley’s start-ups are always on the lookout for new markets – and now they’re targeting an old one.