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Lists names; relationships; place of birth; occupation; citizenship; language spoken; education; and home ownership.

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Lists address, names of all living in household; race; sex; date of birth; age; marital status and number of years married; place of birth; father and mother's birthplace; citizenship; occupation; value of real estate and personal property; Soundex.

(DGA, SLC) Indian History of Winneshiek County, compiled by Charles Phillip Hexom.

(SLC) Past and Present of Winneshiek County Iowa: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress, and Achievement, by Edwin C.

Key to locations where resources are held): (CC)* Chamber of Commerce Winnebago St., Decorah, IA 52101 (CCO)* Winneshiek County Clerk's Office County Courthouse, 402 West Main St., Decorah, IA 52101 (CRO)* Winneshiek County Recorder's Office County Courthouse, 402 West Main St., Decorah, IA 52101 (CVA)* Commission of Veterans Affairs County Courthouse, 402 West Main St., Decorah, IA 52101 (DGA) Decorah Genealogy Association Decorah Public Library (lower level) 202 Winnebago St., Decorah, IA 52101 (DPL) Decorah Public Library 202 Winnebago St., Decorah, IA 52101 (LC)* Luther College Preus Library, Decorah, IA 52101 (SLC) Genealogical Library Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints Salt Lake City, UT 84150 (materials may be available for loan through local LDS Family History Centers) (WHA) Winneshiek County Historical Association * These locations are not able to do genealogical research.

Contact DGA or WHA for assistance with their resources.

history (1 binder) (DGA) Newspapers: see under Decorah Township and City of Decorah, newspapers Census Records (typically on microfilm): 1850 7th U.

Lists all living in the household; age; sex; whether married; number of years person in residence in IA; state or country of birth; occupation.

(LC, SLC) Vital Statistics, Births, Marriages, Deaths Births index: begins 1880 Marriage Certificates Inventory (chronological index). (CCO) Cemetery Data: Tombstone Records of Winneshiek County, from Graves Registration W. (CRO, CVA, DGA, SLC) Court Records: Record of Everything and vol. (DGA, DPL, SLC) Bloomfield Township Family History Supplement (to: And So They Came...).

1-2 (World War I, 1917-1920), WWII, Mexican and Civil Wars.

63, 1864-1936 (microfilm of records for Winneshiek County, Sate of Iowa, Registrar of the State Land Office (SLC) Tax Deed Records, no. (DGA) Church History Data: Castalia United Brethren Church [now Methodist Church].

(DGA) Winneshiek County Recorder's Office (Land Index to Deeds; Affidavit Index 1906-1950; Assignment Records 1898-1909; Bond Records 1900-1902; Deeds 1851-1965; Grantor; Lease Records 1898-1929; Miscellaneous Records 1896-1927, Index 1851-1945; Mortgage Records 1851-1930; Quit Claim Deed Records 1899-1902, 1900-1950; Satisfaction Records 1898- 1905; Sheriff's Deed Records 1883-1931; Index to Transfer Book 1927-1965; Transfer of Lands 1869-1965. A (1858-1939) (SLC) Winneshiek County Recorder's Office Original Entries (2 books, handwritten, ca 1850-1861) (DGA, SLC) Patent Records, no.

district court proceedings) (DGA, SLC) Winneshiek County Clerk of Court Collection Index: An Alphabetical List of Selected Names, part 1. (LC, SLC) "Old" court records (are in the process of being stored and not available at this time; may become available ca 1998?