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The growing size of the unofficial event at UC Santa Cruz caused the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to send an e-mail to parents in 2009 stating: "The growth in scale of this activity has become a concern for both the university and surrounding community." Signs bearing the number "420" have been frequently stolen.

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So far only about a quarter of facilities have policies on intimacy and sexual behavior, according to a 2013 survey by AMDA — the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.You can no longer jump out of planes, but you can still generate excitement in your life," says geriatric psychiatrist Ken Robbins, a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Social connections and human touch help ward off the depression and loneliness that old age and institutional living can bring, he adds.Are people able to consent to sex if they can't balance a checkbook, or if they can barely speak?Or is sex more an impulse akin to eating, a pleasurable appetite that one retains the ability to indulge? "Hands down, most issues that become problems have to do with dementia," Doll says.As the country dial-code of the Czech Republic is 420 and the rate of cannabis use there is one of the highest in the world, some foreign visitors think that cannabis is legal in this Central European country.

However, smoking cannabis outdoors will be fined and having more than 10 grams of marijuana is considered a crime.From any angle, one of the sadder recent cases unfolded at the Concord Care Center in Garner, Iowa.In 2014, former state representative Henry Rayhons, now 79, was charged with third-degree sexual abuse — for having sex with his wife, Donna Lou.In 2003, California Senate Bill 420 was introduced to regulate medical marijuana use, in deliberate reference to the status of 420 in marijuana culture.An unsuccessful 2010 bill to legalize cannabis in Guam was called Bill 420.Almost half said that developing a policy was "planned" or "uncertain." "The nursing home field is more highly regulated than any other, but there are almost no rules regarding sexuality," says Gayle Doll, director of the Kansas State Center on Aging and author of Sexuality & Long-Term Care.

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