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Aired 6-7p ET • Interview With Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus; New Storm Targets Louisiana; Trump's Stormy Language; Mandatory Evacuations as Gulf Coast Braces for Hurricane; Police: No Motive for Las Vegas Massacre Despite 1,000 Leads; : Reports: Russians Used Antivirus Program to Steal NSA Secrets; Trump Refuses to Clarify 'Calm Before the Storm' Comment.Aired 6-7p ET • Source: Authorities Believe Gunman Rigged Car to Explode; Alleged ISIS Plot Targeted Times Square, New York Subway; White House On Trump's "Storm" Comment: "Wait And See"; Tillerson's Future Seen As Uncertain After 'Moron' Remark; Trump Demands Military Options At "Much Faster Pace"; Police: Unclear What Gunman's Plan Was For Explosives In Car; Hurricane Warning Issued For New Orleans. Aired 6-7p ET • Sheriff: Gunman Planned to Survive Massacre and Escape; NRS: Bump Stocks Should Have 'Additional Regulations'.

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro; Attorney General Sessions Hesitant to Answer Questions Before Senate; Crisis in Puerto Rico Continues; Trump Faces Off Against Military; Sessions Contradicts Trump on Comey Firing; Struggling to Survive A Month After Hurricane Maria.Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Says He Supports Short-Term ACA Fix; Awkward Moment when Reporter Asks Greek Prime Minister about Calling Trump 'Evil'.Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Maine Senator Angus King; Trump vs.Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal; Republicans Attempt to Show United Front; Trump Hoping to Face Hillary Again; Crisis in Puerto Rico; Trump Sexual Assault Allegations: "It's Fake"; Trump Blames Food, Water Crisis on Puerto Rico Distribution.Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Assails Major Parts of Obama's Legacy; Trump to Dems: 'Come to Me' and Negotiate on Health Care; Trump Decertifies Iran Nuclear Deal But Doesn't End It; Pelosi Asked About "World War III"; Pelosi Reacts To Trump Feud With Top GOP Senator; Sheriff Clarifies Timeline Of Las Vegas Mass Shooting; Trump Assails Major Parts Of Obama Legacy; In Or Out.Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Idaho Senator James Risch; Interview With California Congressman Duncan Hunter; Retiring GOP Senator Blasts His President and His Party; Sen.

Flake: Will Not Be 'Complicit or Silent' About Trump's Behavior; Alaska Senator: Trump Asked About Renaming Mountain. Trump; Interview With Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings; War Widow Reveals Trump Call Made Her Upset; Trump: "No Change to Your 401(k)" Under Tax Reform; Death Threats Prompt Increased Security for EPA Chief.Aired 6-7p ET • Officials: Truck Plows Bike Riders in NYC, 6 Dead; Interview with Richard Blumenthal.Aired 5-6p ET • FBI: Papadopoulos Obstructed Probe by Shutting Down Facebook Account Showing Communications with Russians.Aired 5-6p ET • Explosive Charges Filed in Trump-Russia Probe; Interview With Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey; Russian Linked Pages on Facebook Served to 126 Million Americans During and After Campaign; Former Trump Campaign Chair Manafort Indicted, Under House Arrest.Aired 6-7p ET • White House Moves to Discredit Russia Probe, Trump Foes; White House: Women Were Lying about Sex Harassment by Trump; Trump Complains about 'Costly' Russia Investigations; White House Moves To Discredit Russia Probe Trump Foes; Some JFK Files Releaased, Trump Keeps Others Secret; North Koreans Echo Kim Jong-un, Call Trump "Deranged".Aired 6-7p ET • Sergeant's Widow Confirms Congresswoman's Account of Condolence Call; Gen.

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    Now YOU can set the number of users allowed in your chat: You want to allow only 22 users in your chat? Under the PLUGIN section, generate Note: Joomla Chatwing integration is supported across all Chatwing powered chat and app services.

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    Marshall signed a fifteen-year contract in 1966 with Rose-Morris for exclusive worldwide distribution rights that severely hindered Marshall’s development and expansion in the 1970s because of the large commissions Rose-Morris received for their services.

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    Career highlights include: Vocal Supervisor for Ellis Island Entertainment, producing in-house reviews for Holland America Cruise Lines, vocal direction for the gala celebrating Andrew Lloyd Webber’s honorary doctorate, assistance in music direction for (where she appears on the recording as well).