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Sex flirt chat aunty - media dating website

Suddenly, the telephone rang and she excused me and ran into the bedroom to pick the phone. After 5 seconds listening to the caller, she said “Arey bathroom mein thi isiliye thodi der ho gayee uthane mein. I boldly went to the bedroom and when she got surprised to see me, I signalled her to keep quite and went behind her while she was asking her husband “aap sham ko 6 baje tak aa jana please”. Housewife talking to her husband over phone and me inserting my fingers under her blouse on both sides from behind her.She didnt say anything as her husband would have doubted so she remained normal.

From her makeup, bangles, necklace and ring, I could make out that she was recently married. My cock was in action inside my pant behind the table.I was staring at her chest and cleavage as if it was no big deal. I told her “Maam, sach mein aapka figure bahut achcha lag raha hai is blouse mein”. She said “Thik to hai par mere……..” She stopped in between but I understood. While coming out of her house, I thought this lady could easily be a highly paid model/pro and here I would get this treat very soon. I knew I might get to use my lund and to perform more than 100%, I bought a Viagra tablet and took it. I kept staring at her chest and said “Maam aap par ye saree aur blouse bilkul fit hai” She said “Thanks”.She was really liking this but was sure that her husband wont allow her to wear it. I am 45, handsome but God Knows what special she saw in me. Again I reached 15 minutes before schedule and waited in the park. I took out the blouse and purposely touched her palm while giving it. I thought “Khol de bas, nain khud le loongo jo lena hai”.With this I knew although she was a housewife but a lot of hidden sex hunger inside. She didnt say anything and I knew now that she was probably ready for me to touch her more openly now.Good that I had taken Viagra because if she decides to give her choot today she would like me to fuck her 3-4 times. She said “Masterjee, yeh thora niche se loose hai”. As I removed the Pallu, her chest was in front of my eyes and boobs only wrapped in that blouse. She inserted three fingers inside the bottom belt of blouse and said “Kya Masterjee, aap dekh to rahe ho phir bhi poochte ho, Dekho ye meri ungliyaan ander jaa rahi hain”.She didnt say anything and which clearly indicated that she was getting breathless in excitement.

Both of us probably knew that as soon as my fingers would come in front, they will touch the bottoms of her boobs. Now I knew that the caller was her husband and she didnt want to tell her husband about my presence.Probably her husband asked her as to why she was breathing heavy.She said “Bye, see you” and as soon as she kept the phone down, she turned and embraced me tightly and was breathing heavily. I kept pressing and mauling her ass cheeks while she was stuck like a leech to my body.As my both hands reached the side of her chest, and I said “Maam, abhi tak to ye to bahut achcha lag raha hai”.My mouth was very near to her neck and hence she could feel the heat in my voice.Hearing this I got even more excited and pressed my lund into her ass and slid my fingers into the front where, as expected, it touched the bottom of her boobs and whispered in her other ear “Maam, ab main aapko din mein bhi nahi sone doonga”.

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    All I need to do is send her the 4,500 peso and she will book and fly to see me. I think maybe most of these ladys from the Philippines are just playing. The site is clearly set up to entice men to engage in conversations that give some hope of meeting them and when arrangements are set up for them to come to your country, they ask if you will pay for their visa and their flight and on and on.

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