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Dresses can be very flattering for new moms; you just need the right one. Dark colors tend to be more slender-looking, and stains don’t show up as much. Patterns Patterns can look great, for one because they distract the eye from any curves you don’t want on display.

This can camouflage unsightly curves that take a while to go away. Yes, baby spit up is white, so why wear dark colors? It might take some experimenting, but find you’re clothing that is both functional and stylish.

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Chatting Motherhood on Harry Connick Jr’s Show Harry!

I’m super excited to be a guest on Harry Connick Jr’s new show, Harry airing today on Fox!

I’ll be chatting about the challenges and joys of being a mom […] Billionaire John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell fame is expanding his empire from hair care and tequila to the world of herpes cream, yes I said herpes cream and the products are great!

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To help you make your decision, we’ve broken up our list by categories, so click the links below to jump to the section that’s most relevant to your wants and needs.Curves, strength, and vitality become more attractive than skinniness, waist lines and bare skin.Make sure you’re trying to look beautiful, but be wary of comparison. Don’t think you constantly have to wear nursing shirts.Overall | Sexting | LGBT | Live | Phone | Local We’re giving you lots of choices in this article, but if you want something that combines the best of all of these different categories, look no further than our top free adult sex chat rooms.Be Naughty is a go-to dating and chat site for turned-on men and women who are strictly looking for hookups.reality star when she climbed aboard his tour bus late last month.