Shadia dating sex

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Shadia dating sex

Upon their arrival in Daytona, Jason and Dick meet up with Shadia and Lenore on the beach, where they also meet the girls' boyfriends Cody and Brah, both of whom Dick takes an immediate disliking to.

At Jason and Meredith's wedding rehearsal dinner, a slide show featuring romantic photos of the couple is hacked by Dick, who inserts inappropriate photos from their Daytona trip.Seeing a gang pick on Bradley for his homosexuality, Dick single-handedly takes down the gang, who vows revenge.Despite the chaos, Dick admits he is proud of Jason, who agrees to give Dick some private time so Dick can sleep with Lenore.With Cody and Brah in the hospital, Jason and Dick take their hotel room.The next night, the duo go to a popular nightclub with Shadia, Lenore, and Bradley.While stopping at a diner, the duo encounter Shadia, a former classmate of Jason's from his photography class when he attended The University of Georgia, as well as her friends Lenore who needs to finish her trifecta (sleep with a freshman, an alumnus and a professor) and Bradley.

Dick introduces himself as a college professor and Jason as a photographer for Time magazine, leaving out his family connections.

They soon enter a "flex-off" against Cody and Brah, winning over the crowd with a wild stunt that they used to do when Jason was a child.

However, Jason forces them to flee, as the crowd is recording the event on their phones, and Jason does not want to be caught on film.

Jason is shocked that his grandfather would flirt with women immediately after his wife's funeral, but Dick proclaims it is okay because he was never unfaithful to his wife during forty years of marriage, claiming he has not had sex for fifteen years because of his wife's cancer and that she insisted he "get back out there".

Hearing Dick's plea, Jason reluctantly agrees to go to Daytona.

They track them down to a motel, where Dick's charming demeanor has won over the gang, and they all go to a karaoke bar to celebrate.