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Singles speed dating canberra - Daddy dom chat room

While the lights were almost excessively dim during the event, T1 and I agreed later that this may have worked to some people’s advantage.Nothing like a bit of mood lighting to set the scene, right?!

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It seemed quite the Carrie Bradshaw (think Sex and the City) type of thing to attend, and this Canberra girl was keen to find her next Mr Big!

I really should have nipped the conversation in the bud much quicker given that I had no interest in the guy whatsoever.

Obviously, it gave the impression that I was keen and so he spent a good portion of the night lingering in my shadow like a lost puppy.

On the other hand, I’m newly-single and have been out of the game for quite a while. But I’m told that winter is a good time to find oneself a ‘cuddle buddy’, so I was eager to take a leaf out of T1’s book and explore the world of Canberra men.

Hosted by Fast Impressions, ‘Australia & New Zealand’s largest and most stylish speed dating and singles events service’, the party was held on the fourth level of the Uni Pub on a Friday evening.

Personally, I’m rather keen on attending the next Food and Wine Lovers Speed Dating night. Until then, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for that oh-so-elusive Mr Big.

Date: Friday, 29 July (~6.30pm-10.30pm) Attendees: T1 and T2 Cost: per person Location: The Uni Pub, 17 London Circuit, Canberra City Worthwhile factor: Somewhat worthwhile Want more?Suffice to say, these ladies spent most of the night huddled in the corner with each other and left the event sans male company.I’m glad that T1 and I at least attempted to mingle and get to know the guys – can’t say we didn’t try.Then there was #3: a university lecturer with whom I spent a good half hour making small talk.Seeing him stand awkwardly alone in the corner earlier had made me feel a little sorry for him.Lesson learnt –do not engage in meaningless conversation for the sake of being nice.

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