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Many bisexual women are considered “greedy” or “slutty” for the mere fact of their bisexuality. that women should ignore or otherwise not act upon sexual desires even though men should and do?

One of my friends mentioned a female character who started out as a virgin, and has embraced her sexual side throughout the show by having various partners and experiences.

This may cause women to lash out against other women in an attempt to rise above the competition. The double standard remains: Why is it that a girl who has sex is a whore/slut, but a boy who has sex is a stud/player? that a girl or woman is a dirty, unclean, and unworthy because she has sexual desire?

And this isn’t the case only in heterosexual dating either. In movies, on television, in magazines, and in our communities, people throw around the term “slut” willy-nilly when talking about women. that because she is female, she should save herself for marriage or she is a whore?

Their very worth was brought into question because people chose to side with the rapists instead of the victims. And for some people, it is utterly life-destroying.

Whether in the dating world, the professional arena, education, or in friendships, adult females are not immune to slut-shaming either.

Think: Have you ever called yourself (or someone else) a slut when your true feelings weren’t ones of disgust or disapproval? For some young women, the stigma of “slut” is so hurtful that it leaves their lives in ruins.

Take Rehtaeh Parsons of Canada, who was allegedly raped by four boys who distributed photos of the attack online. Boys she didn’t know started texting her and Facebooking her, asking her to have sex with them. People texted her all the time, saying ‘Will you have sex with me?

Women are not only the favored targets of slut-shaming, but very often the perpetrators as well.

Due to generations of internalized sexism, women often reject their sexually promiscuous peers as worthy companions or friends – even as adults.

How would you describe that low-cut, tight dress you just bought for your best friend’s party? ” The word is a common slur in our modern day vernacular.

” And that fun one-night stand your neighbor had last weekend – would you describe her actions as adventurous, or “skanky?

But in recent years, the word has become deeply ingrained into our culture to the point where people say it too easily and too casually.