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Instead, the programme was designed to produce 'an infinity of different tunes'. Pictured is a musician playing one of DAC's original compositions.The researchers tested their programme on Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish folk music.

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DAC-composed music may eventually be used for jingles, but probably never as 'serious music,' said Colombo.'A good composer, with innovative ideas, will never be supplanted by an algorithm,' he said.'A composer puts something of himself in what he creates, and that a machine cannot do.'Several companies, including Google, Sony and IBM are working on similar projects.But the programme is taught not to pick the single-most probable note - rather one of the many between least and most probable.This prevents it from repeating the same thing, and instead, the programme produces 'an infinity of different tunes'.These lyrics -- and some definitely have rhyme, rhythm, and literary invention -- range from desperate to creepy, obvious to double entendre, and cover a couple of surprising fetishes ("Does anybody want/To pretend that they're/A robot? Beyond the unusual topic and crude lyrics -- approached straightforwardly and non-judgmentally, as mere artifacts of a facet of modern society -- stands Urie's songwriting.And that's where the real surprise lies: this youngster has a cunning sense for warped brass band music.It teaches itself to predict the pitch and duration of every note following another.

Once it is accurate at predicting 50 percent of note pitches and 80 percent of note durations in existing songs, the machine's training is complete.The seasoned rhythm section of Frank Carlberg (piano), Joe Martin (bass), and Michael Calabrese (drums) play a similar role on the instrumental front.Between the two are 13 horn players, Bill Mc Henry, and John Carlson getting the higher-profile solos.It's already taking over our jobs, beating us at strategy games and creating 'art'.Now artificial intelligence is set to conquer the world of music.Pieces like "Wayne" "Cougar Seeks Prey," and "Bad Girl" pull from all the strengths of the 17-piece band (18 with the inclusion of special guest Chris Speed on the last two tracks), throwing in the kitchen sink, for a wild ride through fast-paced heads, cluttered yet thrilling arrangements, and moments of yearning beauty.