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It is generally accepted that younger children will pick up languages more quickly than older children, although this does not mean that they will be speaking the local lingo overnight.

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In some cases, the majority of pupils are local children and not the offspring of globe-trotting, transient families as might be expected.If you can find local friends for your children to play with, this will, of course, help along the process.Although 10 years of age is often identified as a benchmark after which it is harder to relocate children, it may be less the issue of language learning that is problematic but the change of culture and the need to create new friendships.As with school entry at home, it is usually best to make your application during the annual admission dates.This offers you the best chance of a place in the school of your choice although, ultimately, success depends on how well you fare in the points scheme.British and American schools can attract Spanish families seeking an English-language education for their children .

Some international schools regulate their intake by fixing the percentage of nationals and international students enrolled.

If you are relocating to a small town or village, the chances are that you will have few options to choose from and will opt for the closest school.

Whereas in the UK, parents might plan house moves with their eye on school-catchment areas, the property market in Spain is less affected by the proximity of “good schools”.

The Bright Sparks Saturday club, and the Drama Factory theatre group in Barcelona are both examples of activities that have been set up for native speaking children which helping them keep up their English language skills in an natural and fun way.

For kids needing to learn Spanish quickly (or Catalan, the teaching language in schools throughout Catalonia), most language schools offer courses for children.

State and semi-private school admissions work according to a fixed point scheme which takes account of your proximity to the school, siblings in attendance and any health issues that your child may have.