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At Rebel Mouse, we operate off of a lean tech methodology that launches sites in weeks, not months.The city borders North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, with the cities of Bath and Gloucester to the south-east and north-east, respectively.Iron Age hill forts and Roman villas were built near the confluence of the rivers Frome and Avon, and around the beginning of the 11th century the settlement was known as Brycgstow (Old English "the place at the bridge").The Atlantic has seen a 40% year-over-year increase in unique visitors on mobile, thanks in large part to Instant Articles.And with premium subscriptions being the next big focus of news publishers, Facebook is listening and testing new subscription models in Instant Articles.Bristol was surpassed by the rapid rise of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool in the Industrial Revolution.

Bristol was a starting place for early voyages of exploration to the New World.

It is most commonly stated that the Saxon name Bricstow was a simple calque of the existing Celtic name, with Bric (meaning a break) a literal translation of Odor, and the common Saxon suffix Stow replacing Caer Utilizing another form, Brastuile, Rev. Shaw derived the name from the Celtic words bras (quick, rapid), or braos (a gap, chasm,) and tuile (a stream).

The poet Thomas Chatterton popularised a derivation from Brictricstow linking the town to Brictric, the last king of Wessex.

During the first decade of the 16th century Bristol's merchants undertook a series of exploration voyages to North America and even founded a commercial organisation, 'The Company Adventurers to the New Found Land', to assist their endeavours.

However, they seem to have lost interest in North America after 1509, having incurred great expenses and made little profit.

Bristol's modern economy is built on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, and the city-centre docks have been redeveloped as centres of heritage and culture.

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