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Fortunately, his Ultimate version is very little like the regular Marvel U version.These four issues are more of an Ultimate X-Men arc, with Spidey as a guest star.

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Bends continues to write a heartfelt story of what struggles are like for a high school superhero, while ramping up the humor in this one. A perfect style for the fun and action this book so often brings.I’m really enjoying Peter’s relationship with the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde, however, so it was good to Another great volume in this series. The first four issues/chapters contain the Deadpool story that gives the trade its title.Deadpool is possibly the worst character in the history of Marvel comics.Today, we will take a look at the current Red Sonja run, RED SONJA: WORLDS APART (2017), from #0 up to now.The series is written by Amy Chu and the art is by Carlos Gomez.At this point Peter and Kitty were assigned to look over a fake baby after they had broken up. I'm not sure if we ever saw them officially dating but they were mentioned as being an item and seen together in various panels. Well this is what happens next when Peter sees Kitty and asks where he is.

At some point after this there was the 'Ultimatum' and after that a timeskip of six months I think. As you may remember there was a big crackdown on mutants after Magneto flooded the earth. Yep, Bendis put poor Kenny on a bus offscreen to get things back to status quo.Now, if you think about it for a moment, it does not really take a lot to make a good Red Sonja book. There was a period on 'Ultimate Spider-Man' where Peter was dating Kitty Pryde of the X-Men.I’m really enjoying Peter’s relationship with the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde, however, so it was good to see them work together.In the Ultimate universe, they make a great couple. This is different, and much darker, than anything that’s come previously in the series.And when Peter 'died' we didn't even see his reaction to it. I haven't been reading the "All New Ultimates" where Kitty is so I don't know if he's been brought up since.

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