Steam keeps validating game files

13-Sep-2016 14:06 by 5 Comments

Steam keeps validating game files

ref=7241-EYON-2343 There are certain applications that may interfere with Steam resulting in all sorts of problems.

Check your anti virus (or similar) software logs to see if they did in fact interfere with Steam or your games.

What I believe is happening is that because both KBAP and KBCR are installed in the same folder, they are both downloading files that are used by both of the games but which are not exactly the same, so when steam goes to validate KBAP it downloads all the files that were added by KBCR, and when steam validates KBCR, it sees all the files are not the right ones that were downloaded in the validation of KBAP. Then turn off the option to update KBAP automatically in steam (right click name of game, and choose properties then turn off the auto updating) 2.

Thus it can go into a continuous loop between the game and it's expansion, and unless stopped by the user, or steam or whomever, will just continually invalidate what steam downloads for those files that failed validation on KBCR during it's validation of KBAP and visa versa. Download fresh copy of KBCR, and then validate it, it may or may not find failed files, depending if steam ran validation for KBAP after you installed KBCR.

This article will discuss a few of most common problems with Steam.

Please keep in mind that Steam is a product of Valve Corporation.

To fix this problem either wait for anti virus update that fixes the problem, or add the problematic file to your anti virus exceptions.

After that, validate the game on Steam to redownload the missing file. While it shows 0% all of the time, it actually downloads your subscribed Steam Workshop mods.Facepunch Studios is not obligated to provide support for Steam or other Valve products and services.If you encountered a problem with Steam, please contact Steam Support instead.The solution to this problem is to do a full reinstall of the game: Your anti virus or similar software removes the game executable as a "false positive" virus.My belief is either that Steam has somehow messed this up, , but those files are different and thus found to fail the validation when steam trys to validate all the files for KBAP, after KBCR has been installed. It could also simply be that Steam has screwed something up and is not validating the two programs correctly when it should be.