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Lana has two paternal half-siblings, Tyler and Kaitlyn Small, who Lana never really got a chance to get close to since they attended boarding school in Metropolis.

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Lex found her and reassured her that she had nothing to fear from him, as well as agreed to leave her with the million she had stolen from him as a form of divorce settlement.

Lana later returned to Smallville and reunited with Clark, the two then made plans to reignite their relationship and this time more honestly.

She moved onto the farm with Clark to live with him and his cousin Kara.

Lana's biological parents are Laura Lang and Henry Small, her legal father was Lewis Lang.

Lana was adopted and raised by her aunt Nell Potter, following the deaths of her legal parents.

Lana is a beautiful woman with dark hair (of which had red highlights during her senior year of high school), hazel eyes (the likes of which had been complimented on numerous times) and a slender frame. During her school years, Lana was known for being the prettiest girl; she was even voted "most likely to be a cover girl" in her high-school year book.

Clark has noted that Lana's nose wrinkled up when she becomes serious, which he mentions to be sexy.Lana later fell victim to the evil Kryptonian computer Brainiac in his attempts to control Clark and Kara and was put into a strange catatonic state for weeks. Tess Mercer, obeying Lex's orders, then forced Lana to give Clark a "Dear John" DVD breaking up with him, as well as then kidnapped her, but Lana managed to escape.Lana realized that Lex would always come after her and decided not to return to Smallville until she could defend herself.A vengeful Lex had Winslow Schott put a Kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet, forcing Lana to choose between Clark and the people of Metropolis.Lana chose to defuse the bomb to save Metropolis which devastated Clark.Years later Lana is found in Africa protecting local villages from African warlords, disguising herself as a vigilante called The Angel of the Plateau.