Taboo of online dating

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Both had exactly the same name, brief biography and three photographs – save for one small change.The first pronounced my height to be 5ft 7in, and the second 6ft 3in.

It’s a nervous laugh rather than an outright “no”, or “I have a boyfriend” or “I don’t have a boyfriend but I’m into girls” when Tom persists.Imagine the chauvinist-branding backlash phrases such as "no fat-arses", "the thinner the better" and "don't expect a reply if you're over 200lbs" would elicit.• Tall men earn more, are more attractive and have healthier hearts Admittedly, men are not blameless.” (Alas, by the time I clocked what “this” was, it was all too late and our intimacy had reached a plane I never wished it to reach.) Anyway, the thing that is interesting in the video is not really Tom’s quest for a “yes” from some woman, any woman – well any woman who’s young and pretty, and whimsically accessorised with maybe a hat or some rollerskates.The thing that’s interesting is what the rejections look like.After all, we all have our own idea of physical perfection.

And seeing as though women aren't beating around the bush in their pursuit of it, why should we?

It happens on the street and it happens in the bedroom too.

A couple of weeks ago, a leaked video emerged showing Vine star Carter Reynolds pressuring his 16-year-old girlfriend into performing oral sex: “I’m really uncomfortable,” she says as he proffers his penis, and then as he persists, “I don’t think I can… But because it’s a woman refusing sex, it is somehow translated to an inaudible register, somewhere beyond notice. Because for all the words spilled about the sacred importance of consent, there can be no meaning in our “yes” unless we have our “no” first.

But we do have a problem with hearing it from women in a sexual situation.

The delicate circumnavigations that allow for a perfectly clear, perfectly polite “no” in almost all situations become strangely incomprehensible when the context is a man asking a woman about sex; the explicit rejection becomes an affront.

My question is this: why is it acceptable for a woman to shirk away from a shorter man, but when that same man declines the advances of a 'larger' woman, he is labelled a superficial pig?