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We’re a group of separate Pw C member firms operating in the Caribbean.We serve clients across the region, providing quality assurance, advisory, tax and legal services to international, regional and local businesses and government organisations.

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Lots of good wildlife to see; including bird, alligator and turtle watching.

Remember it's your private time, so anything you want to do, the boat is yours.

Eco Tour Charter Rates 3 hours 0.00 6 hours 5.00 Places to visit on your Eco Tour - Sarasota Bay, Egmont Key, Fort Desoto Park and Manatee River Egmont Key Accessible only by boat, beautiful Egmont Key is a place to relax, picnic, swim, collect seashells along the pristine beach, see wildlife, and explore a piece of history.

But the river is where you will achieve a real sense of South Florida feeling. As a child, I spent many days shrimping and digging for clams with my grandparents.

Sarasota Bay has many acres and miles of shallow water flats that hold all kinds of wildlife and seashells.

There is also a portion of the fort in the water where you can snorkel and see underwater marine life.

In 1974, Egmont Key became a National Wildlife Refuge and as you stroll the trails you might happen to come across a tortoise sunning itself.It is good to see that scallops are making a comeback and calling the bay their home again.And the many kayak and canoe passageways that wander through the mangroves elaborate maze of trails are a must to explore.One of the first things you'll notice upon arrival is the 85' lighthouse on the northern end of the island that has stood there for almost 150 years.Egmont Key has had a lot of military significance since the Civil War and you can still see the remains of Fort Dade on the island.The park is made up of 5 connected islands and has campgrounds, picnic areas, fishing piers, nature trails, food concessions and more for visitors.