Taurus woman dating a libra man

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Taurus woman dating a libra man - adult singles dating arbor hill iowa

My husband and I are both very outgoing people in different ways.I am more reserved until I get to know someone where he will tell his whole life story the minute you meet him.

The after-light activity is also very stimulating, we each have our own unique qualities and...I feel if I don't take care of everything, it won't get done.I would love to hear stories about other Taurus/Sag combos and if there is anyone who had a long term relationship. Well I can only say that he is the most intelligent, interesting, fascinating man I have ever known and oh yea a wonderful lover.We had a very strong physical chemistry when we first met, and still do, which is good.The really big issue I do have with my husband is that I don't feel as secure as I would like financially.We both spend a lot of time together and feel like we can think and feel the same things threw each other. And the best part is we still have as much fire and passion in our relationship since we first met. It takes work because were so different but It's truly something unique and special.

I'm a sage male, I've recently started dealing with a Taurus lady . I like spending time with her even when she doesn't let me talk much, its just the feeling she gives me.

I truly think he doesn't know how much he cares for me.

I don't need to hear the L word because I have heard it so many times before and bottom line is true love doesn't have to be spoken it is simply shown.

Basically, he thinks it's ok to say things without thinking, but don't do it to him!

My husband is not detail oriented like me, and never even had a will until we got married (we are both older with grown children).

As long as they are both committed to each other and their goals as people.

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    Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Could we maybe talk by tele and come up with a plan? It was really a great time and good friendships made. We here in the "mountains" are used to driving...sadly...2007 Nitro..almost 50,000...