Teen dating going to her house

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Teen dating going to her house - find dating site

Tell them they can pick out a snack at the grocery store or you will stop for ice cream. I am sure your daughter is responsible, but in the heat of the moment, one of them may slip up. It's pretty big bs about a safe, clean environment--- you are setting an example for your child and for your daughter's children to come-- I like the parent who said the rule is no visitors-- boy or girl when no parent is home.More than sex, there's drinking, drugs, just plain ''mean girl stuff'', crank calls all sorts of junk!

You can say what you do and don't want going on in your house. No staying at home alone with any boy (or girl, if I had a boy) at any age or while the kid is living in my house.

Do not subject your daughter to the possibility of pregnancy and/or STDs. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes at that age to get pregnant and they can figure out when the neighbor is going to be coming again. You said your 15 year old daughter and her boyfriend are ''pretty physical'' when he is over, and you want to know if it's ok to leave them at your house alone for an hour or two. You can't leave them alone for an hour or two, you know that!

1 in 3 teens has an STD, mostly herpes and chlamidia. What would you and your boyfriend have done at age 15 with two hours alone in the house?

I have never needed to give my kids curfews or social boundaries.

They are not goody two shoes, but they do have good commonsense and know what the consequences would be if they screwed up.

) I think that if teens have friends of the opposite sex in their rooms, there should be an open door policy and the parent should pass by frequently to monitor activity.

Each family has to determine their own tolerance level for this.For me, friends of the opposite sex in a teen's bedroom is not a good idea and I would seek other places in the house for them to hang out. Teens are already bombarded by them and probably don't need more. I would rather my daughter invite her boy friends into our home verses meeting them around the block or standing out front.I think a good thing to remember in dealing with teens is that, despite their vociferous statements to the contrary, they actually do want -- and need -- limits. Her friends know my home is always a safe haven if needed. Regarding the teenager in the room alone with girls: Please don't allow this.Feb 2009 My just barely l5 year old 9th grade daughter now has been spending time for 4 months with a l4 year old very nice 9th grade boy from a different school who lives about 7-8 miles away.When he is over, they seem to be pretty physical, though respectful.But also understand that she is going to make these choices on her own.

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