Thai cam chat sydney

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Thai cam chat sydney

Counter seats around the kitchen provide a front row view of all the action.

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Pad Thai goong woon sen Pad Thai goong woon sen is a pad thai take using glass noodles.The crescent-shaped prawn and coconut dumplings are warm from the steamer, served with a thick coconut milk sauce.Rolled in fresh coconut, these dumplings seem to veer deliciously between savoury and sweet.Gaeng bpu And because everything is half-price on our visit, we go straight for the yellow curry with mud crab.It's a marvel of tastiness - not just because of the resplendence of mud crab, but the balance of flavours in the yellow curry is so amazing I end up drinking it with a spoon.Times journalist Nick Wyke has followed up this list with a series of interviews, an interesting insight into what drives and inspires food bloggers from all over the world.

My interview has just been published here: Meet the Food Bloggers: Grab Your Fork.Kai jiew bpu There are only three of us eating today, but that doesn't stop us going wild and crazy with the menu.We pounce on the larb gai, the classic minced chicken salad seasoned expertly with chilli, herbs and roasted rice powder.The fish floss is soft and tender against the sticky tapioca dough.It's another example of sweet and savoury notes combined so well.In Thai cuisine, these bread sticks are made miniature-sized and then served as a dessert alongside a saucer of pandan custard.