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Shaw kills the hitman, recovers the audio file, and secures weapons and equipment from Novak's hidden armory.

Chan is shot dead by a masked gunman while being interrogated by Shaw.

In the sequel, Agent Neil Shaw is called out of retirement as a Hollywood film consultant by the murder of his long-time martial arts mentor, "Broodmother".

The third and final in the series starred Anthony "Treach" Criss, Sung Hi Lee, Warren Derosa and David Basila, but neither Snipes nor any of his co-stars from the first two movies.

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Shaw eventually figures out Hooks's role behind the conspiracy and approaches Capella with his findings. building, and enters into a shootout and hand-to-hand fight with Bly, where the latter dies after falling on a glass shard from a broken glass pane.

Shaw uses Capella's business card to surgically remove his tracking device, and gives the Triads a business proposition. The following day, Shaw calls Hooks in her limousine and lectures her on a lesson in karma, revealing that Shaw's business proposition to the Triads was to assassinate Hooks for her betrayal.

Shaw manages to save Fang from an ambush by a Chinese hitwoman at a hospital.

With Fang's aid, Shaw finds a Triad-owned bakery serving as a front for a Gentleman's club, setting up an unlikely alliance with Capella, as well as retrieving video footage of Chan's role in derailing the trade agreement.

The pursuit ends when Shaw finds a scanner that is tuned to a tracking device embedded in Shaw's gunshot wound before being ambushed by Bly.

Bly reveals himself as the assassin at the banquet, and also engineered the tracking device implant from an earlier basketball game injury.

Hooks reviews the evidence, and reveals that she and Chan were the masterminds behind the conspiracy.

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