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Since Scots was no longer regarded as an appropriate medium for the full range of genres and styles found in normal literary languages, and no longer had a literary standard or codified system of spelling, the perception began to grow that Scots wasn’t really a proper language at all.Scots was by now relegated entirely to the domestic and familiar spheres.

Spoken Scots remained strongest of all in the rural districts.

A language can become minoritised even when it remains the majority language of a country. At this period in Scottish history a large, indeed overwhelming, majority of Scottish people were still speakers of Scots or Gaelic.

The population of Scotland was about 1,600,000 in the year 1800.

Approximately 300,000 people, just under 20% of the Scottish population, were monolingual Gaelic speakers who spoke no other tongue.

No official counts were made of the number of Gaelic speakers who were bilingual in Gaelic and English or Gaelic and Scots, but they formed a large and substantial population.

A minoritised language is one that has been driven from public use and whose use is not recognised or supported by the state, which works exclusively through the medium of another language.

The state sees its goal as the spread of this language to the exclusion of other languages.

The possibilities of social advancement now depended heavily on a good command of a written and spoken English which was acceptable to the English speaking establishment of the British state.

The fear grew that the Scots language was a millstone around the necks of Scots, preventing their development and improvement.

By Paul Kavanagh – [click here for parts 7 and 8] 1800 AD : It was during this period that both Scotland’s major languages became minoritised, but Scots and Gaelic were affected by the advance of English in different ways.

A minoritised language is something different from a minority language although the two categories often overlap.

In part this was due to the incorrect scientific opinion of the day, which held that the acquisition of one language ‘took up space in the brain’ as it were, and so prevented the proper acquisition of another.

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