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The line graph illustrates the proportion of elderly people between 19 in the USA, Sweden and Japan.Overall,the largest percentage of retirees will reach its peak by the year 2040 in Japan with a slightly noticed difference in the other two given countries.

It appears you are over-complicating things in places because as you can see I have often crossed things out because you have too much. I'd advise you to review some of the language of comparison needed to write line graphs and practice this.

The figure suggested in the following three decades significant increase in ageing in each three country.

Japan will reach the highest percent and scoring a new rate which is more than 25%, and each of USA and Sweed will come behind in different rate.

I really need to know if it's good enough foir Ielts exams and how much it will score. As I know the 1 writing task should be about 150 words, and if there will be more words they can decrease the mark. The latter countries generally followed the same gradual increasing trend throughout the given century although there was a slight variation in the 30 year period which started in 1980.

To name these variations, Sweden had a marginal decrease then an abrupt increase to 20 percent in 2010 while the USA slipped back to less than 15 percent and had remained unchanged until a few years before 2020.

Therefore, Japan will make a sharp upward trend by zooming up to 30 per cent from less than one in twenty in comparison with the other two countries,where the amount of given people has been encreasing during all periods of time. It is clearly noticeable that there is at least a three-fold increase on these numbers in all the countries by the end of the period.

So,one can say that Japan is a young country now and it will stay that way until 2040 when it will gradually get ''old''.~~~~~~~~~~Can you please comment on this essay? At the start of the period, only one in twenty of the population in Japan was 65 years old and over while there was around seven percent and less than 10 percent of them in Sweden and the USA, respectively.In the first 40 years, it was recorded a gradual increase in the number of old people reaching to 15% and a little less than 15% in the USA and Sweden respectively, whereas it slightly declined from 5% to approximately 4% in Japan.After that, the proportion of old citizens in Japan and sweden marked a steady growth, though the later showed some fluctuations, while in the USA it slightly declined by 1%.Hi there, I've fond that your site is very useful for everybody who want to practice the IELTS. can you pls check this writing for me, with the above line graph.I'm always feel very confuse of the writing skill..Afterwhich, the percentage then leapt to about five times greater than the number in 1940 and Japan is projected to have at least 27% of their total population as retirees by 2040.