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Disgustingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Chris detests low-functioning autistics in the exact manner that he fears normal people will detest him.In Mailbag 25, he compares those with low-functioning autism with those who suffer from severe retardation or severe brain damage, thinking that they would have their arms linked together, have deformations, be confined to wheelchairs or crutches and drool and grunt and growl.

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However, the Chandlers didn't make the "HFA" label up, and compared to kids who can barely speak and just walk in circles all day, Chris is relatively close to neurotypical.Semantics aside, though, it's clear that Chris is far from normally-functioning.Only an updated psychological profile would really provide insight into the complex and controversial mixture of autism and mental illness that is present within Christian.Please help the CWCki by replacing or restoring these links.Autism is a spectrum of neurological disorders involving the impairment of social interaction and communication.), but that does not mean he can function like a non-mentally challenged person.

Informally, autism may be subdivided into separate classifications based on the intelligence and degree of function the autistic individual possesses; for a general idea, this crude scale could have levels of high-functioning, medium-functioning, and low-functioning.

Sir, Marlene Skinner Maguire (“Politics of sexism”, letter, Nov 2) describes feeling flattered by “pats on the bum”, arms put around her shoulders and “pecks on the cheek”, and says that she enjoyed the attention of these “compliments”.

However, any woman who has been forced to endure a sexual assault or unwanted sexual advances will understand the difference between that and a compliment.

Any woman who has been subjected to this kind of behaviour will know the difference.

Janet Reynolds Caldecott, Rutland Sir, Edward Cufflin (letter, Nov 3) says that touching a knee at a dinner table used to be “the only way to…

During his conversation with Kacey's father, Chris downplayed Kacey's knowledge of biology and healthcare despite being proven wrong minutes before in a debate over the genetics of autism.

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