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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but videos this powerful can leave you speechless and ready to take action.In 2016 alone, PETA’s animal rights videos received 2.75 million views a day—meaning that our animal-friendly messages were seen well over a billion times in just a year.

HGTV and its personalities are Canada's most entertaining source for home ideas.

Makeful is a new lifestyle specialty channel celebrating the maker community and the creation of one-of-a-kind, handmade goods.

Featuring passionate, entertaining makers who share their ideas and provide inspiration, Makeful’s programming combines food, design, style and DIY series.

For free, you can sign up, upload hot photos and videos (and share them with those who catch your eye), and chat in various ways.

Covering every room in your home as well as every corner of your garden, the DIY Network offers the expertise and creativity you want when it comes to any home-improvement project.

Whether its kitchens, bathrooms or the outdoors, the DIY Network has the how-to experts with the answers you need.

Ingredients have more intensity and meals more vibrancy with Food Network in High Definition.

PETA has helped rescue countless animals, large and small, from horrid conditions.

In recent years, more than 55 bears living in squalor at roadside zoos and seven formerly solitary chimpanzees were given a chance to lead a happy life in a reputable sanctuary.

The hottest shows can now be seen in stunning HD and heard in Dolby 5.1 audio, including Much's flagship show, New. Live, and of course the biggest party of the year, the Much Music Video Awards!

Sportsnet ONE HD is a 24-hour sports channel offering more than 800 hours of quality live-event programming including baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey.

Makeful also unites craft-enthusiasts and provides opportunities to learn new skills through its digital and social platforms.

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    An example of this type of aging includes rocks in Canada that scientists identified as being hundreds of million years old.

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    By 2014, they called it quits, to many people’s surprise.