Updating and creating indexes unsuccessful

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A Data Warehouse has a 3-layer architecture − Data Source Layer, Integration Layer, and Presentation Layer.

Data warehouse is used for reporting and analyzing of information and stores both historical and current data.

SQL Server authentication and identity management must be integrated with an organization-level authentication/access mechanism providing account management and automation for all users, groups, roles, and any other principals.

SQL Server must off-load audit data to a separate log management facility; this must be continuous and in near real time for systems with a network connection to the storage facility and weekly or more often for stand-alone systems.

SQL Server must implement and/or support cryptographic mechanisms preventing the unauthorized disclosure of organization-defined information at rest on organization-defined information system components.

Unless it has been determined that availability is paramount, SQL Server must shut down upon the failure of an Audit, or a Trace used for auditing purposes, to include the unavailability of space for more audit/trace log records.

The role(s)/group(s) used to modify database structure (including but not necessarily limited to tables, indexes, storage, etc.) and logic modules (stored procedures, functions, triggers, links to software external to SQL Server, etc.) must be restricted to authorized users.

SQL Server, the operating system, or the storage system must provide a warning to appropriate support staff when allocated audit record storage volume reaches 75% of maximum audit record storage capacity.The data in DW system is used for Analytical reporting, which is later used by Business Analysts, Sales Managers or Knowledge workers for decision-making.The data in DW system is loaded from an operational transaction system like Sales, Marketing, HR, SCM, etc.Aggregated stored data is maintained in multi-dimensional schemas like star schemas (When data is arranged into hierarchical groups, often called dimensions and into facts and aggregate facts, it is called Schemas).The latency of an OLAP system is of a few hours as compared to the data marts where latency is expected closer to a day.Data Mart in an organization and is created and managed by a single department.

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