Updating dat files

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This is achieved by sacrificing the error correction redundancy present in Mode 1.

Extra capacity was obtained by sacrificing the error correction (it was believed that minor errors in the datastream would go unnoticed by the viewer). VCD enjoyed a brief period of success, with a few major feature films being released in the format (usually as a 2 disc set).Nevertheless, VCDs made considerable inroads into developing nations, where they are still in use today.Video CDs comply with the CD-i Bridge format, and are authored using tracks in CD-ROM XA mode.However the introduction of the CD-R disc and associated recorders stopped the release of feature films in their tracks because the VCD format had no means of preventing unauthorized (and perfect) copies from being made.The development of more sophisticated, higher capacity optical disc formats yielded the DVD format, released only a few years later with a copy protection mechanism.This led to the creation of CD Video (CD-V) in 1987.

However, the disc's small size significantly impeded the ability to store analog video; thus only 5 minutes of picture information could fit on the disc's surface (despite the fact that the audio was digital).The first track of a VCD is in CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 1, and stores metadata and menu information inside an ISO 9660 filesystem.This track may also contain other non-essential files, and is shown by operating systems when loading the disc.CFG" Shortly before the advent of White Book VCD, Philips started releasing movies in the Green Book CD-i format, calling the subformat CD-i Digital Video (CD-i DV).While these used a similar format (MPEG-1), due to minor differences between the standards these discs are not compatible with VCD players.Similarly, the audio frequency range is limited to those sounds most clearly heard by the human ear.

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