Updating microsoft works

02-Aug-2016 03:26 by 9 Comments

Updating microsoft works

So this update—or this "experiment"—is aimed at fixing the issue and setting up your PC or device so that you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 successfully. First, try Windows Update: You may see the update appear there starting today.

It's being tested in select markets and could be more broadly rolled out soon.

The Windows RT version of this update can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Support web site.

Let me know if anyone has a link to the Windows 8.0 (x86) version of the update.

But I will say this: Given the experience of the Store-based Windows 8.1 update, I suspect that's the last time we'll see Microsoft do such a thing.

I expect all future Windows updates to ship via Windows Update, as God intended.

Please update existing links to point to the new location.

Downloads for older versions of Adventure Works (2014 and earlier) are archived on Codeplex for your convenience.

Developers, you can thank Microsoft summer intern Craig Loewen for the overhaul.

One of the first thing that I normally do after installing Windows is to disable the automatic Windows Update.

Windows 10 testers will only see the new colors if they clean install build 16257, and if you upgrade you’ll keep the legacy colors to ensure any custom color settings are not replaced.

Microsoft is planning to release a tool soon that will allow Windows 10 testers to apply the new color scheme and a selection of alternatives.

You may recall that with Windows 8.1, inexplicably, Microsoft made the update available through the Windows Store.