Updating new fields in crystal reports

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To allow administration of the smtp Q service, you may need to Right-click the Visual and set it (Properties, Compatibility tab) to Run as Administrator (set the option to apply to all users).

If there is something you’d like to see, or have additional information you’d like to contribute, please e-mail me.

However, no matter how the report is ultimately delivered, one of the critical steps is knowing where to find the data in the GP tables.

I am going to publish some information that we get asked for frequently during reporting.

These options are maintained in the file Data Link_Use the button to open this User Manual as a pdf file.

Use the button to access a dialog with Version (and system) information.

That dialog also has a button that allows you to check for software patches on my web site and install them online.

This patching mechanism is very fast since the patches are typically very small (contain only file changes). To delete a report from the grid (but not from the hard drive) right-click a row and select ‘Delete Row’ from the popup menu.Previously selected reports are listed in a grid and can be launched by double-clicking or by Right-Clicking and selecting ‘Preview Report’ from the popup menu.Use the button to reload a report (if changed and saved in Crystal).Make sure you install while being logged in as an Administrator on that PC. Remove the old version: if you have a previous version installed, use the old msi file or the Add/Remove control to remove it. Do not delete/move the msi file unless you removed the software. When Visual CUT gets loaded for the 1st time, it redirects the key files (Visual CUT.mdb, Data Link_Viewer.ini, Report List.txt, Report List.grd) to a Millet Software folder under \Program Data or \App Data.The best way to navigate to this location is to click the Version Information button, and double-click the path information at the bottom of that window.New features degrade gracefully and the report runs as if it was a Crystal XI R2 report.