Updating of new row is not allowed in after trigger

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Updating of new row is not allowed in after trigger

Values in the data can be changed and rows can appear or disappear in the data set before the end of the transaction.This option has the same effect as setting NOLOCK on all tables in all SELECT statements in a transaction.

Transactions running at the READ UNCOMMITTED level do not issue shared locks to prevent other transactions from modifying data read by the current transaction.

During the roll-back phase of a database recovery, SNAPSHOT transactions will request a lock if an attempt is made to read data that is locked by another transaction that is being rolled back.

The SNAPSHOT transaction is blocked until that transaction has been rolled back.

The transaction can only recognize data modifications that were committed before the start of the transaction.

Data modifications made by other transactions after the start of the current transaction are not visible to statements executing in the current transaction.

This is the least restrictive of the isolation levels.

In SQL Server, you can also minimize locking contention while protecting transactions from dirty reads of uncommitted data modifications using either: Note When you set the READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT option, only the connection executing the ALTER DATABASE command is allowed in the database.

All read operations performed within the transaction operate under the rules for the specified isolation level unless a table hint in the FROM clause of a statement specifies different locking or versioning behavior for a table.

The transaction isolation levels define the type of locks acquired on read operations.

If a transaction starts in the SNAPSHOT isolation level, you can change it to another isolation level and then back to SNAPSHOT.

A transaction starts the first time it accesses data.

A transaction running under SNAPSHOT isolation level can view changes made by that transaction.

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