Updating smarty s06

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Click on it, and save it in the Docs folder as before. Select “Create New Folder” name the folder with Either REVO_xx-xx-xx or REVO_TNT_xx-xx-xx Depending on which file you are downloading currently, and Where xx-xx-xx is the date of the file. The top 2 files in the “Tools” section are the actual Smarty downloader.Read the Disclaimer, and if you agree, click the “I agree with the terms” link. At the time of this article, the current software for S06 is Nov 14, 2008. For the S03 downloads, this is where you use the name of the file for the subfolder. Make a choice on which one you need based on your operating system. The last thing you need to download is a copy of the 7Zip software.

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In the upper left corner click on "file" scroll down to "Save As" and click. Leave the file name as is, but at the top of the dialog box, in the "save in:” area, you can navigate to your "Docs" subfolder you created in your Smarty folder earlier.

Select the product you own and want to download for by checking the serial number on the white label attached to your Smarty, then clicking on the picture of your model.

If you already have the current version of Adobe Reader the next step can be skipped.

My hope is these instructions will be helpful in getting the files necessary to update your Smarty with the software available on the MADS website, using your computer.

However, the procedure for obtaining software for the other models is similar.

The next step is to download the files in the "Tools" section of the Smarty webpage. This is the program that is used to interface your computer to the Smarty and load the smarty with the software you select. The 3rd and 4th files are Zipped files that contain the USB drivers. These files (Once Unzipped) are used to interface your operating system (Windows XP, for example) to the Smarty Downloader. Clicking on the 7Zip Icon at the bottom of the Smarty Software Download page, will link you to the 7Zip webpage.

These files have the name Smarty and Smarty Once you determine which Smarty USB downloader file is correct for your operating system, click on it. These files have the name CDM 2.0.16or D30104Once you determine which USB driver file is correct for your operating system. Download the 7Zip program from that page by clicking on the "Download" link for the file. It will have the file extension .7z Use the 7Zip program for this.Toward the bottom of the page, is a link to get Adobe Reader, if you don't have it.Once you have Adobe Reader, I strongly recommend saving a copy of all the files in the "Documentation" area, of the MADS Download page for your model.You should now have everything you need to set your computer up for use with your Smarty, and download a new software file to it.The next steps will be to install the USB driver to your computer.Also, if you are downloading for the SO3, I would write down the entire file name you are about to download, and use that for your folder name later in these instructions. You should now be looking at a “Disclaimer of Liability” page.