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It’s literally impossible for developers to know all the nuances of every possible plugin that you might be using.That said, the majority of well-supported and well-developed plugins and themes would not cause you any trouble whatsoever. Even my own personal site is a custom theme and uses roughly 15 plugins.

Basically, when you see a new update notification, you can think “Oh wow!Backward compatibility ensures that every Word Press version will be able to be updated without losing any of its Core features or content.What this means: When you have trouble with your Word Press updates, it isn’t because of Core, it’s because of the third-party plugins and/or themes that you are using on your website.Full disclosure: I’m a plugin author and I love third-party plugins and themes.They really do make the whole Word Press experience far more full-featured.If you're a student or assistant updating a faculty member-owned site, please CC that faculty member when requesting file permissions so that we know they are aware that edits to the site are pending.

If you are on-campus, you can connect directly to the server without VPN.

For example, Bob Dunn at Bob posted his experience in updating 100 plugins with the Word Press 4.0 update. Most likely, you’re saying to yourself: “Who just uses Word Press Core without plugins or themes? So how do we responsibly update our Word Press website considering all the plugins and themes that we all rely on?

While there are several methods to update reliably (some of which I highlight below), the preferred procedure, which I recommend, is as follows: Unfortunately, it’s not an ideal method.

New free code that people all over the world helped create to make my website better!

” Perhaps, in the past, you’ve updated your website and had nothing but trouble. It’s generally not because of the Word Press project itself but instead due to third-party plugins and/or themes.

Furthermore, when I say plugins or themes are the problem, it’s not ALL plugins and themes.