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In that episode, she almost went home, but decided to stay on the ship. When London gets rid of Padma, London and Bailey become room mates.London did not want to have a roommate, so she bribed Padma to leave.

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It also added Bailey Pickett (who basically replaced Maddie), a smart girl from a small Kansas farm often made fun of by London (and serves as Cody's Love Interest); Woody, a clumsy but well-meaning (and disgusting) classmate made fun of by everyone and Mrs. London: Look, Bailey, I know you loved Cody, but... You're young, you're smart, you're pretty, you're not some fifty-something cat lady who's been dumped time and time and time again and that's one ice-cream cup away from a heart attack!

Emma Tutweiler, one of the teachers at Seven Seas High made fun of by her own students (and eventually Mr. Meanwhile, reruns of the original show have popped up on Disney XD.

(OK, maybe that last one was just Cody’s preference.) But Ryan’s new role — a “villain of sorts” and “bad girl” sorority sister, according to The Hollywood Reporter — is pretty much everything that Bailey’s not.

We don’t know much about Life of the Party, which also stars Maya Rudolph and Gillian Jacobs.

Both series also participated in massive Crossover events with other shows on the channel: was released as a Big Damn Movie with a surprisingly dramatic plot rooted in Science Fiction. He delivered them in the middle of the night, then we left really, really fast on the jet.

If the original series and the sequel are counted as a single series, it's had the longest original run of any series on the Disney Channel, at six seasons and 162 episodes total (though by sheer episode count and total number of calendar years on the air, it is surpassed only by Maddie: London, you can't just steal another country's cultural artifacts.

But Zack won her from a jousting tournament and Maddie didn't have to marry Prince Jeffy after all.

Prince Timmy is Prince Jeffy's older brother, and I made up Prince Thomas and Prince John.

But the series finales isn't without its ups and downs. Tipton is closing and being dismantled, and couple Cody and Bailey finally find out if they've both been accepted to Yale.

A week before the final docking, the ship's manager Mr. Ryan hints that the pair may have a major decision to make mid-episode.

Mc Carthy cowrite the script with her husband, Ben Falcone. Until then, please enjoy this never-ending GIF of Bailey slapping Cody, which is surely a preview of her “bad girl” character to come.