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“And it comes with a tremendous responsibility.”Hammon is in her final season with the Stars and will assume her coaching duties at the conclusion of the season.

"I don't even look at it as 'she's the first female that and the other.' She's a coach. Some people thought this was some sort of gimmick, 'they are just trying to be cool' or whatever. In America, we are great at sticking our heads in the sand and being behind the rest of the world in a whole lot of areas. But you look at our world now, whether it's gender-wise or racially or religiously, there's all kinds of stuff that is not the way it's supposed to be. People like Becky over time will gain respect and people will understand that this is possible. "But I think since 2000 changes have been pretty damn lacking in a lot of ways. Some of it's got to be -- not forced, but matter-of-factly stated that this is the world. And secondly, be loving enough to continue to educate some of those that maybe never had an opportunity to change their mindset." ★★★ It's not surprising to hear Popovich addressing these issues head on.

What other players might have seen as injury rehab, Becky Hammon viewed as an "internship." While working to come back from a torn ACL last year, the six-time WNBA All-Star was just looking to stay around the game.

And since her San Antonio Stars team shared the same building as the NBA’s Spurs, maybe she could pick up a thing or two by hanging around them – even after 15 years of playing professionally.

“Communication started to happen once I already decided.”Contract terms were not disclosed.

Hammon is not the first female assistant coach in the NBA.

"But we're a teaching program, and that comes directly from (Popovich).

So for him to give us this opportunity and the guys hear a different voice, that's what his (coaching) tree is kind of all about.

Since Green only challenged his teammates from college, we had to wait for another way for the challenge to make its way into the Spurs org.

And that happened when Adam Silver threw one out to Spurs assistant coach, Becky Hammon. Was it recorded for Instagram and just ended up on You Tube instead? Even more curious is Parker's holding on to the ice until the last moment. Was he concerned that people wouldn't see the ice unless he added it conspicuously?

And she's got opinions and solid notions about basketball. As a point guard, she's a leader, she's fiery, she's got high intelligence.

Our guys just respect the heck out of her and so she's out on the court coaching with us, she's running drills.

Lisa Boyer, now associate head women's basketball coach at South Carolina, was a part-time, volunteer assistant on coach John Lucas' staff with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2001-02.

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