Who is ben feldman dating

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The LA born star, who made his debut in Forrest Gump aged just six, is best known for his harrowing performance in Sixth Sense and, despite his brush with the law, is still a successful actor, most recently in the heart-warming tale, Home of the Giants.

There’s not much else to do when you’re the highest paid child actor of all time. T grew up hard and fast and turned into a crazed addict.His antics under the influence, including driving drunk without a license and stealing lobsters from a grocery store, have landed him in handcuffs and addiction clinics numerous times.Now, married with a child, he hasn’t been to rehab in a while, yet with rumors of addiction still rife, it’s possible he’ll be back.The press hounded young Drew as she puffed on her first cigarette aged nine, was boozing aged eleven and getting stoned at twelve.She was hooked on cocaine before she barely hit her teens and had been into teen drug rehab twice before the age of 14.Brad’s path to self-destruction began after his intense portrayal of disturbed youngster, Mark Sway, in The Client.

The hold that heroin and methadone had on him lead to his arrest and widespread defamation in 2005, and just this year, his tragic death.

Aged just 23, River had racked up numerous starring roles in Stand By Me, Running On Empty and My Own Private Idaho.

Sadly, his troubled childhood, which was blighted by poverty, brainwashing in a cult and unusual family affairs, encouraged him to use drugs as a fatal escape.

Not only did she loose several teeth, but she also lost her husband, all thanks to her wild, drug addled behavior.

It’s only recently, after the birth of her daughter Zoie, that she’s started to settle down and fight her demons.

After starring in numerous family films, such as Uncle Buck, Home Alone and Richie Rich, young master Culkin was desperate to grow up and shed his child actor skin.