Who is wu chun dating 2016

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He had promised Myolie’s father that he will take care of her for the rest of his life. The couple had prepared individual video clips in which they exposed each other’s habits.Philip said that Myolie “often leaves crumbs everywhere when she eats,” while Myolie said that Philip likes cleanliness and will wash dishes even before she is done cooking.

In 2011, Taiwanese media published reports alleging that Wu Chun already filed for marriage in 2009, and that his wife had given birth to a daughter two years later. When reporters presented photo evidence at the time, Wu Chun’s manager stated that the woman was Wu Chun’s sister-in-law, and the child belonged to his elder sister.

A white canopy was set up on a grassy meadow against a bright blue sky, and a cocktail reception was held.

There were approximately 200 guests, with many of Myolie’s friends, including Crystal Li (李雪瑩) and Skye Chan (陳倩揚), in attendance.

Changing into a red dress and wearing a mini tiara, Myolie said, “We won’t party all night.

In a shocking announcement made today, Wu Chun (吳尊) finally admits to being married and blissfully confesses his status as a proud father.

The couple then signed the wedding papers and exchanged rings, and completed the ceremony with a heartfelt kiss.

Will Have Children Later Myolie and Philip proceeded to the Ritz Carlton for their wedding banquet in the evening.

Speaking with the press before the start of the banquet, Myolie said that they will enjoy their marriage first before having children.

“It’s important to get adjusted to each other, as we were very carefree before. And it’s necessary to discuss and plan it together.

The couple exchanged wedding vows in English, with Myolie choking back tears in the middle of saying her vows.

All the guests were visibly moved, and some of Myolie’s bridesmaids even started tearing.

The couple then drove to the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where their wedding banquet was to be held, and where a suite was prepared for the tea ceremony to be conducted with Philip’s family.

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