Who played the theme music on the dating game

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they weren’t coded as explicitly male, and they were attracted to other people who weren’t coded as explicitly male) were presented as predatory, sick, creepy, and sometimes even evil. A lot of us learnt very young that ‘attractive’ means ‘heterosexual.’ I had to fight really, really hard to unlearn the voice in my head that always told me: ‘Oh, they’re super attractive?They’re probably straight.’ What does it mean for my own mental health and self-esteem that I was telling myself on a regular basis that ‘attractive, desirable, good’ are basically all antonyms for ‘queer’?

If I’m attracted to someone and she wants to be my friend, it makes my day.

From sex to politics, we are obsessed with sports and sales metaphors; it’s all about scoring, winning, getting.

I’m happy that in the queer community, we are increasingly making our own rules.

It’s not only heterosexual people who tell us “you don’t look like a lesbian! I’ve heard it heaps of times on the queer scene as a chat-up line.

The internalisation of anti-queer misogyny plays out in our lives like a polar opposite of heterosexual cis men whining about the ‘friendzone’ or explaining to the rest of us how unjust it is that they can’t approach women without being seen as creeps.

As kids, we are offered painfully few representations of who we are.

Most queer characters or celebrities that I saw who were relatable for me from a gender perspective (i.e.Game Show by Chuck Barris Productions which debuted on ABC in 1965 with host Jim Lange.It was the first game show to enter Reality TV territory, in that the winning couple actually went on a date after the show.Oh, the unique horrors of being a man who fancies women and finds it hard to approach them without seeming like a creep. How do we ever hook up with each other, when no-one ever wants to make the first move? I try not laugh when heterosexual, cis men complain to me about this, kindly explaining it with such patience, because it will be tough for a woman to relate to this experience. In fact, this problem is so common among those of us who aren’t hetero cis men that it’s kind of a cliche.How do I let her know I’m super, super into her without putting any pressure on her to be happy about it? I certainly feel flashes of that terror myself, even if it’s only for a few seconds, when I out myself or am outed in even the friendliest situations – and as a rule, I’m fairly safe in most spaces.