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There is a gentle, soothing syntax in her words, a lovely treasure trove of poetic compositions.The author addresses the very elements of life, crafting a book into sections which form the cornerstones of human experiences; Life, Love, Loss, and Learning.

The author suggests that the poems herein can also be read randomly. When I just couldn’t find the right words to say, I would look to the work of authors and poets.

She has always found comfort in the written word, dating back to her middle school days where she would jot quotes and song lyrics in the margins of her agenda book.

She loves to read and almost always has a book in her hand.

Her other great loves include her husband, family, fitness, and her fur babies.

Book Description: As gentle as a summer rain, Liz Newman writes with a mellifluous style, reminiscent of the classical poets.

About the Author Liz Newman Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of Hope Berween Heartbeats.

Liz Newman is a professional blogger and a poet from the Midwest.

I especially enjoyed that this book can be appreciated, regardless of where one chooses to read; each piece stands on their own merit. The good times and the bad were so beautifully described by strangers with hearts that beat and broke in the same way mine did.

A debut for this author, Liz Newman has created a beautiful collection, a joy for readers who love a classically written compilation. And, it was from this love for words that I found my own voice.

If you’re lucky, it’s a beer at a bar or meetup at Starbucks. I’m always pleasantly surprised when a guy holds the door open for me.” — Lauren M.

“Chivalry is a misogynistic construct based on the idea that men have to take care of women by virtue of their gender, not the fact that they’re being gentlemanly.

I’ve noticed that couples that have been dating longer try to make cute dates happen, but I feel like the whole initial ‘lets go on dates to get to know each other’ is dead.” — Lena C.