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Www datingchelsea com

She and her advisers are aware that following the shock of Chiles’s exit her stock will never be higher and now is the time to capitalise.Rumours that she too could be lured away should come as no surprise.

“That’s a phenomenal amount for a magazine programme,” says a BBC source. However, as Chiles quickly realised, she is also a smart cookie.

That’s why, amid claims at the weekend that her £100,000 salary could more than double, Christine Bleakley’s bosses are falling over backwards to ensure that the 31-year-old doesn’t become the next defector.

She has become one of the hottest properties in British television and with her BBC contract due to expire this year there’s no way they want to suffer the humiliation of seeing Bleakley and Chiles rekindle their on-screen chemistry on the GMTV sofa.

Although treating it all with her customary good humour, Bleakley is mystified by the recent fascination over her private life.

One of the casualties of her sudden ascendancy was her long-time boyfriend, Mark Beirne, an entrepreneur in the leisure industry.

The couple shared a house in Belfast and it seemed the long-distance relationship would survive.

Then came the infamous kebab incident, when Bleakley and Chiles were spotted together at a West London flat.BBC bosses, realising the decision to parachute in Evans was handled badly, have made it clear that Bleakley will be directly involved in the appointment of Chiles’s replacement.As a presenter she has already shown her versatility by co-hosting Children In Need and appearing on Shooting Stars, not to mention her determination by water skiing across the English Channel for Sport Relief.Lampard will be appearing for England at the World Cup in South Africa next month but it is understood they have agreed she should stay at home .That suits Bleakley as she is appalled by the prospect of being characterised as a shopping-obsessed airhead.In addition to a hefty pay rise, it’s expected that she will be offered her pick of new BBC projects, including her own chat show.