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Xander and dawn dating - dating guy different religion

In the end, their love was more a fantasy more than a reality, but it's still right up there.2.

A quick refresher: Just as Angel and Cordelia were about to finally confess their not-especially-convincing feelings for each other, Cordelia's whisked away by a higher power, and returns possessed by a demonic entity. Had their relationship ever had a chance, they might be higher on this list, but as it is it's hard to see why the Riley's not as bad as you remember – like season four as a whole, his relationship with Buffy starts out enjoyably enough, has its moments, and then becomes terrible without much warning. It's no coincidence that season five becomes Sure, sometimes opposites attract. kind of okay but forgettable pairings which mostly feel like a placeholder until more interesting things come along. Even in the Buffyverse, romance doesn't get much more tragic or complex than this.11.There isn't much chemistry between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Marc Blucas, and though Riley's fairly appealing as an even more gee-shucks version of Captain America, the show's repeated attempts to darken him fell flat. That's the case with Fred and Gunn, both awesome characters in their own right who made zero sense as a couple, and were so blandly sickly-sweet together you might need an anti-emetic if you're planning a re-watch. When Fred tells Gunn she's rusty on dating, having spent the last five years imprisoned in a cave, he says he knows how that feels. "Because now, everything's so bright my eyes hurt," he says, gazing adoringly at her. Xander and Anya This is probably sacrilege for a lot of fans, but something about Xander and Anya never quite clicked. ), and Xander seemed to fall into the relationship reluctantly and by accident, rather than choosing her.She was always a difficult character to get a handle on, sometimes written as a person and sometimes a collection of prickly quirks (Obsessed with money! That would be fine, except that it never Look at them. We'll never get over the fact that Joyles (best ship name ever, y/y?They balanced each other out, and seemed to finally have found peace together, right before Angelus broke Jenny's neck and left her body strewn with rose petals for Giles to find on his bed. These two seemed like they were meant to be from early on, but things kept getting in the way – Gunn, and Lilah, and Wesley's general turn to the dark side.So by the time Wes had spent a good season or two pining for Fred, she finally kisses him at the end of season five's fourteenth episode, 'Smile Time', and it's basically adorable and perfect and everything you want it to be. Xander and Cordelia One of the biggest missed opportunities from Buffy and Angel's occasional crossover episodes was that Cordy and Xander never got to interact again.Xander is one of several friends of Buffy who assist her in saving the world against numerous supernatural events that plague Sunnydale, California, a town built over a doorway to hell.

turns 19 years old today – the show, not the fictional character, who actually turned 35 in January just in case you weren't already feeling old.

And then, in the fifteenth episode, Fred dies a slow, horrifying and painful death in Wesley's arms. It's weird that their relationship – which started off as hate-fuelled make-out sessions in closets before reluctantly developing into something more – worked as well as it did, given how little development they really ended up getting.

But their chemistry just sparked, and against the odds they both made each other better: Cordy became less shallow and obsessed with social status, and Xander became less selfish and self-righteous. Angel and Spike Angel sired Spike (figuratively if not literally), and the two spent a good hedonistic century or so cavorting around Europe with Drusilla and Darla before going their separate ways.

But what also becomes clear is that the relationship works only in a time capsule, like everybody's first teenage romance they think will last forever.

Buffy is a high schooler, and Angel has the emotional maturity of a high schooler, and both grow up significantly after their breakup at the end of season three, with Buffy going off to college and Angel leaving to star in his own show.

Turn-of-the-century television being what it was, much of their early romance is left to off-screen implication – it wasn't until season five, a whole year into their relationship, that Willow and Tara shared their first on-screen kiss.