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Corley, 56, is a mother of four grown children, and she draws on real-life experiences in her work.

Mateja said that sometimes thieves will use Google maps or GPS devices to plan their routes to houses they burglarize.Mateja said investigating child-related crimes was not for every officer, but the proliferation of electronic devices means cyber evidence is here to stay."Everybody's got a cellphone now, so every officer now has to consider that electronic component," he said.He keeps cheat sheets handy for quick reference about clothes sizes or any other questions he may get, including bras and birth control."Sometimes if I can't find the sheet, I have to scream across the room to figure out what size clothes I wear," he said.When someone sends her an instant message, she tells the person right away that she is 14.

"Seventy-five percent of them will go away at that point," she said. But if they keep talking to me there's a pretty good chance the conversation is headed toward sex." Corley said most of the people she chatted with were not interested in meeting in person for sex; they prefer a video hookup.Based on the information, the medical examiner did a toxicology screening for the chemicals in antifreeze, and it confirmed that that was how the man had killed himself.Because the computer examinations require a lot of technical skill, most of the police officers trained for and assigned to the unit remain there for years.We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community. Detective Chris Bosley wrote down the information from the sender who appeared to be giving his real name. Detective Corley, who has been working in cyber crime for over four years, said that this was a first for her. Charles County Cyber Crime Unit, which is marking its 10th year of operation.She said she had never had to face the criminals she investigated in court because almost all of them agreed to take a plea agreement rather than go to trial.

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    While she'll always be firmly cemented in the fabric of Manhattan, she has become fully bi-coastal.