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Know yourself, are you a paranoid or depressed or anxious, perfectionist person who perhaps blow the importance out of proportion based on your own deviant tendencies which you partner dont share. If it seems that it will not have a real problem then its best to let it go, dont make problems where its not needed, later you will have another problem to solve, the conflict with your partner.Can you solve the issue yourself, often a problem can be corrected by one person. If it seem to be a big problem that can have serious consequences.

Be careful for forcing your needs to discuss things now, especially with anger, it triggers defenses such as fight or flight. In order to get someone to understand you they must be reassured that they have no reason to defend themselves, so use a calm approach. if still no success, then think why would your partner not worry about it, is it truly important.

I thought my husband had taken my pillowcase as a joke. These different pieces of knowledge led us to interpret the same conversation in very different ways. In close relationships there will inevitably be times when our personal experiences lead us to interpret interactions differently than our partners.

These interpretations may be due to chronic differences in culture or the way we were raised.

If the consequences make sense to them then they would want to hear more.

Otherwise send them a email to allow them to look at it in their own suitable time and mood, to be able to articulate the real issue.

If the wet towel don't get dry in the high humidity bathroom and it end up smelling then mention that rather than the fact that the towel is wet.

It has taken me about 65 years to learn than everything is not about me .. Smtym he fyts just to be upper hand evn if he is wrong or nt evn sure about the thing he fyts over..For example, you and your partner may disagree about whether or not to be affectionate in public because one of you was raised by affectionate parents while the other's parents looked down on public affection.Different interpretations may also be due to something in the moment, such as getting upset with your partner for being late but not knowing that his boss stopped them on his way out of the office.How could we have such different views of the same conflict? It turns out that we were both right, in our own way.Misunderstandings like the one that led to our fight occur because people tend to be naïve realists. However, one of the most enduring contributions of social psychology is the understanding that two people can interpret the same social interaction in very different ways, based on their own personal knowledge and experiences (Asch, 1952).What would you recommend we do in case our partner doesn't want to talk?