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In 2009, Barrino obtained his first chart placement, with the single "Futuristic Love (Elroy)", which Barrino appeared on alongside Grand Hustle newcomer Yung L. The single reached number 55 on US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

(x2) [Verse 1] You can have none of my flavor You can have none of my paper You can have none of my linen You ain't got none of my gator I'm movin' these bricks and this shit is conducive Designer, desiger, my shit is exclusive Flexin' and flexin', my rims are [?

As Young Dro prepares to make a comeback with his upcoming album Da Reality Show, he stopped by The Breakfast Club for a highly entertaining interview with Charlemagne Tha God & co.

Dro was first asked about recent arrest rumors, to which he gives us the full, hilarious story.

Apparently Dro was test-driving the brand new 200mph Dodge Hellcat when he heard his new single on the radio, which provided the proper soundtrack for him to test out the engine's full capabilities.

He eventually drove the car to the airport, preparing to jet off for a show that night, when he was arrested and proceeded to spend four nights in jail.

] I'm all up at fifth's I'm shoppin' at poochie Get well a damn, I go up in Gucci I'm on the molly, I'm smokin' the [?

] I'm Future with bands, I freak, like Boosie They know I'm a dog, they callin' me snoopy The chopper, the scope, and the rifle I want it Knockin' em out, like [?

As the interview goes on, Dro speaks on Fantasia, who he misses every day ("SIIKE"), going to rehab with T.

I., "GAY-T-L," and why he tends to disappear after putting out a hot record in the streets.

First, Joseline let Stevie know that she doesn’t need him to manage her anymore.

Not only does she not love him anymore, but she’s good on her own.

Joseline first said that her estranged partner Stevie J was the father; when Stevie denied paternity, Joseline lashed out, accusing Stevie of molesting he and Mimi Faust’s daughter in widely disparaged remarks.

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