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Figuring out which was the truth would slowly overtake my life. Elle had kept in touch with Liz two or three years longer than I did. Liz would bring Molly, the tiny black and tan Chihuahua mix that she had since she was twelve.Elle has a memory of Liz that sticks with her: They were in Philly together, sitting on a curb eating Mc Donalds French fries.

A marble notebook in my bedroom had the phone numbers of all my camp friends. I remember waking up next to her the morning after, hugging her and then her groaning my name, “,”annoyed that I’d woken her up. She had no My Space account, Snapchat, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest… No candid party photos, no Livejournals, no senior thesis, nothing!The first article popped up a little less than a year after I first searched Liz’s name. “Since 2007, cops say Elizabeth Barrer has been a pivotal force in the drug network. Marshals are hoping to track down one of their biggest drug kingpins and need your help to capture her.” It just couldn’t be Liz. Maybe I could have convinced myself it wasn’t her, if it weren’t for that smile.I’m not certain whether I had missed the article or if the paper had just put their archives online, but it was 2013 when I found an article from 2008, in a local newspaper in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Authorities believe Barrer launders funds for drugs purchased across the US/Canada border and into Ukraine. She wasn’t smiling in the photo, but Liz was always smiling a little bit. In the days that followed, more information came, and room for disbelief diminished. “Yeah,” she wrote, “that’s definitely her.” Queenpin. Liz was wanted by the Spotsylvania Sheriffs Department, and by the U. Marshals for trafficking large amounts of marijuana through the United States/Canadian border.I was completely transparent about my feelings for Liz. I was the spiky-haired puppy that followed Liz around all day, despite that fact that she made it painfully clear that I didn’t stand a chance.By the time fall came around, I’d almost accepted my disqualification from the race for Liz’s heart. I don’t remember much about that weekend, which six or so of us spent in the basement of Elle Goldberg, another friend from camp who was close with Liz.Lembersky was sent to Spotsylvania as an active member of the Marine Corps.

Stories of the group’s trafficking operations sound made up by someone in the “Breaking Bad” writers room.One night Elle’s parents got a call from Liz’s parents. Her mom – blonde and kind and welcoming – always at odds with their sweet daughter’s punk turn,” remembers fellow camp goth Matthew Siskin.“Liz Barrer” became a daily Google search for me, a multi-tabbed, deep Google search that would last hours, and take precedence over all else.What neither Liz nor Lembersky knew was that Spotsylvania Police already had eyes on who they’d come to refer to as “The Lembersky Drug Organization.” Spotsylvania is a small Virginia town located an hour south of Washington, D. and an hour north of Richmond Virginia, two major hubs for the east coast drug trade.Because Spotsylvania has Interstate 95 running through the middle, it’s a perfect way station.For two summers I signed up for multiple sessions of Dungeons and Dragons every day for eight weeks and never played a single game. She wore a pair of tight black jeans and a baggy white-v neck t-shirt meant for boys.