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I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up. You have forced the hand of the Universal Zulu Nation to take further action should you continue to promote your “CNN of the ghetto” as “Hip-Hop”, and we are asking with all due respect that you include a disclaimer at the bottom of the front page of your website concerning your company and Hip-Hop Culture.

The letter states that the Zulu nation “has begun a movement against anyone who is against us” and claims that O’Denat and WSHH are a force against “Hip-Hop Culture.”Shakur goes on to say that he intends to send a link to a piece of possible child pornography on WSHH to the authorities.I would have loved to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the President at home with the wife and kids – on your website.I invite you to meet me in The Bronx, Boston, Virginia, The Carolinas, Chicago, DC, Maryland, Detroit, or any place that you feel more comfortable, so we may discuss the realities of “the ghetto” and how you can be better involved. O’Denat, in closing I am asking you to remove the footage of the young man being forced to strip naked outside while people look on and another young man beats him with a belt while the camera man pours water on his fully naked body.The ever-controversial World Star Hip Hop has apparently made a new enemy: the Universal Zulu Nation.Zulu Minister of Information Quadeer Shakur (a.k.a.Before you brush this off as just another person’s opinion of your site andthe content you publish, please do not get it confused. You are a Black man who has accomplished quite a lot without a formal education, and I’m quite sure when you dropped out of New York’s Grover Cleveland High School, you would never have imagined that you’d be as successful with your company, World Star, LLC.

Doesn’t it bother you just a little that another Black man (that man being yourself), has “made it” out of the “ghetto”, only to display unnerving images and videos of young adults berating, belittling, and beating each other solely for the purpose of the enjoyment of who you are led to believe are “millions of Hip-Hoppers? O’Denat, the followers of your site are impressionable young men and women who “follow” you for a reason.

If you understand journalism 101, news is reported with two sides.

Your excerpts of ghetto life, your lack of morality when accepting uploaded material, and your drive to maintain a site for the sole intent to destroy our Culture’s standing in these Americas is both uncouth and unacceptable by all of us at UZN.

As salacious as you may want your site to be, our youth are looking for answers and solutions to the many problems that plague our communities.

The young people use your site as an outlet to escape the world they are living in, only to find that you place them right back at the starting point.

Brother, I am sure you heard God speaking to you when the earthquakes in Haiti destroyed so many lives, and many of us di a fair share of work to help those in need.

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